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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Top 20 Selfish Reasons to Breastfeed

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I thought I would give women some reasons to breastfeed that will benefit them, not the baby.  Everyone is always talking about how great it is for the baby… this post is different.  It’s all about the benefits for momma!
  1. Lose weight faster! – When you nurse, your uterus contracts and it helps to make you lose the baby weight!  No diet… no exercise… just sitting with your baby.
  2. Birth control – When your baby is nursing exclusively (and especially if also night feeding), you will have no period… therefore will be less likely to get pregnant! (Disclaimer: Because you ovulate before your period starts (because that's how the body works), then you will not know when your first ovulation will be... this means you can get pregnant before you start your period.  Some people have been known to get pregnant on that first ovulation. If this doesn't make sense, please feel free to ask in a comment or you can email me.)
  3. No period!!  I know I kind of already said this in #2, but I feel it’s good enough to stand alone! (Disclaimer: Some women start their period right away regardless of breastfeeding.)
  4. Decreases your risk for postpartum hemorrhage.
  5. Easy to pack feeding supplies and you will never misplace them!
  6. No waking up in the middle of the night to warm a bottle… just feed your baby in bed and go back to sleep.  I don’t know about you, but I highly value my sleep!
  7. People have to wait on you while you feed the baby… bring you water, get you a blanket… YOU can’t get up… you’re feeding the baby!
  8. Big breasts! … enough said.
  9. The baby won’t cry as much when he/she is teething, because nursing relieves pressure in his/her gums!  A happy baby makes a happy momma!
  10. Breastfeeding decreases your chances of developing breast cancer later on in life.
  11. Breast milk helps develop the baby’s immune system and helps give it immunity to diseases… ummmm, hello, that will save you lots of money at the doctor’s office!
  12. Speaking of money… breast milk is FREE!!!  Formula will cost you up to $2000 for one year (that doesn’t factor in bottles and everything else needed).
  13. Less dishes to wash!  Breastfeeding… no dishes.  Bottle fed… now you have to wash the bottles!!??  That’s a no-brainer for me… I’m not a fan of dishes.
  14. Decreases your risk of ovarian cancer!
  15. If you are the rebellious type, you now have the opportunity to make a lot of people uncomfortable for no real reason when you nurse in public and show NONE of your breast.
  16. If you are the really rebellious type, you can have lots of fun with these same people by feeding your baby by lowering your shirt/dress exposing your entire breast, instead of doing it discreetly.  (I am in no way condoning this… just wanted to point it out for you crazy ladies out there.)
  17. It hurts when your milk dries up (so I hear).
  18. You have permission to be lazy.  Most people sit down to nurse, so it is now acceptable to be lazy and sit on the couch all day!
  19. Permission to drink beer.  It is known that dark beers increase your milk supply. (Disclaimer: I did not just give you permission to get drunk.  One beer will be plenty.)
  20. Have to be around people you don’t care to spend time with??  Excuse yourself to another room so that you can feed your baby! (Note: you absolutely can bf in front of people, but this gives you a nice excuse to get away from people!)


Erin said...

#2 isn't actually true - I'm not trying to be argumentative, I would just hate for someone to use breastfeeding as their only form of birth control :) You can ovulate (and therefore get pregnant) before your actual period returns - I have a little brother to prove it :)

#20 was probably my favorite when I was nursing :)

Nicole @ Some Call It Natural said...

You're right, Erin, and I actually meant to put a 'disclaimer' on that one! :) I'll add it now. Thanks for pointing that out! My best friend's 2nd baby is proof of it as well. ;)

Lisa said...

Thanks Nicole,
There have been a few times with this last one that I almost quite for selfish reasons and would think of several of these and change my mind! I love nursing my little guy and will miss it when he is done! :(

Summer said...

YAY for boobs! I got pregnant with Grady when Madilyn was 9 months old and she was still EBF. She didn't start eating solids until she was about a year old. But (once again), DH and I are relying on the good ole breastfeeding method for BC. *slap me now*

jayedee said...

love love LOVE your list! (especially the rebellious ones lol)

btw...i have 5 days of breastfeeding giveaways this week on my blog, if you feel you might be interested!

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