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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Winner of the Mid Summer Moolah Giveaway!

The winner of the Mid Summer Moolah Giveaway for $410 is Karen B.!
I know it says she has 48 hours before a new winner will be drawn, but I know she already replied and super happy about her win, so she IS the official winner!

Congrats Karen!  I know you are excited!

Not Karen???  Still want to win something??

Of course you do!  Well... go enter to win my Nook and Barnes & Noble $50 GC giveaway!  It doesn't end until Aug. 7th!  Good luck!


Monday, July 25, 2011

What if everyone heard what we said about them?

Photo Credit

I was listening to a radio station not long ago and they posed a question about a new (fake) technology.  The new gadget would basically ‘listen’ to everything you said and when you started talking about a person, it would record the conversation and then send it to the person you were talking about.

Do you think that would cut down on the world’s gossip?  It would definitely cut down on local gossip!

No more, “Did you see what Sarah wore today? Ugh!  That was a horrible dress!”

People would for sure keep their mouth shut a little bit more.

I thought about this a lot.  How much do I say in a day about other people?  Would I be mortified if whatever I said were recorded and sent to that person?

Since this radio segment, I have tried to be more conscious of the things that seep out of my mouth.  If I wouldn’t want the person I’m talking about to hear what I’m saying, then it probably just shouldn’t be said.

However, I’m not perfect…. and I’m glad that this was a fake gadget that the radio hosts were talking about.

What about you?  How often do you gossip?  How often do you complain about people or make fun of people?  What if there were a device that would record what you said about a person and send it to them?


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mid-Summer Moolah Giveaway!

Welcome to Mid-Summer Moolah!

hosted by Formula Mom

Mid-Summer Moolah! Win $420!

As the heat of mid-summer takes over, wouldn't you like to win some cash (or Amazon gift code) to buy yourself a little something special this summer? Well, here is your chance!

41 blogs have come together to offer one winner $410 cash paid via Paypal or $410 in an Amazon gift code (winner's choice)!

Each entry is another chance to win, so check out the Rafflecopter form below and get clicking to visit all of the amazing blogs participating in this event! You will be able to enter until 11:59pm on Saturday, July 30th. Following the conclusion of the event, a winner will be drawn and notified via email. The winner will have 48 hours to confirm their win or another winner will be drawn. Thank you for entering!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boogers Everywhere!!!

Boogers on my bed.
Boogers on my couch.
Boogers in my van.
Boogers on my carpet.
Boogers on my clothes.
Boogers on my skin!!!


Why must she wipe her boogers on whatever is near her?

Someone please make it stop!!!!!
Good thing she’s cute…


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Win a Nook Color AND a $50 Barnes & Noble GC!!!

Alright, I've teamed up with some awesome bloggy girls to bring you something we've been working on for a while now.  Ready for it?  Oh, you looked at the picture and know what it is already?  No?

Okay... We're giving away a  Nook Color!  AND... as if the Nook Color weren't enough... we are also throwing in a $50 Barnes & Noble Gift Card so you can get started filling up your brand new Nook with books, magazines, newspapers, interactive kids books, apps, games, music... you get the idea. :)

I'm so excited, I want to win it!  I know, you're saying to yourself, "just who are these awesome bloggers that want to give me a Nook and a Gift Card so I can go visit them and follow them right away?", right?

Well, here they are:

Crunchy VT Mommy

Mama B

Little BGCG

Baby Dickey

Southern Yankee Mix

The TaterTwins

Pickles & Paisleys

Banana Hammocks & Tutus

Life with Levi

Some Call It Natural

Soleil Selene

Baby Gators Den

I Do Thee Wed Sara

Skippin' Rope

The Baby Birthing Mama

We've made entering this giveaway super easy.  We're using a new giveaway widget called Rafflecopter (the same one I used in my Crunchy N Yummy giveaway and the Rafflecopter giveaway still going on).  All you have to do to enter is go down the list and make sure you've liked all of the blogs on Facebook!  And the Rafflecopter widget makes it so easy!  All you do is click "Like" after you click, "Click here", then click on "I did this!" and fill out your name and email address.  Done!  You only enter the giveaway once from the blog you are at right now.  No commenting necessary, unless you just feel like giving some comment love, then feel free, but it won't count as an entry into the giveaway.  There are two bonus entries, share this giveaway on Twitter or Facebook and leave the link and sign up for the Bloggers with Benefits newsletter.  We have more giveaway goodness up our sleeves so you'll want to be sure to get the newsletter so you know when we're ready for the next big event!

Open to the USA. Giveaway will end on August 7, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST. The winner will be selected by through Rafflecopter and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be selected. If a way to contact the winner is not provided they will automatically forfeit the prize and a new winner will be selected.

Disclosure: This prize is brought to you solely by the bloggers sponsoring the event.  All thoughts and opinions are our own, including estimations of our awesomeness.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rafflecopter Giveaway

Rafflecopter is having a giveaway for a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

Who wouldn't want that!?  Just enter below in the rafflecopter form for your chance!

Will you do me a favor?  For your mandatory entry, tell them I sent ya! (Nicole @ Some Call It Natural)  If you win, I win!  Yay!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Homemade Coffee Frappuccino

Who loves Starbucks?

Yeah, me too… but my bank and my conscience won’t let me go there often…. so I make my own!

You want to make you own too, right?  Of course you do!

It’s so easy, you’re probably going to be mad at me for not telling you sooner!

All you do is make some espresso or coffee and stick in the fridge (or freezer if you want to drink it sooner).

When it has cooled  you may make your drink.

Fill you cup or blender 3/4 of the way with ice. 
Then, put about a cup or so of coffee in with the ice.
Add as much milk as you would like (I just add a ‘splash’ because I like my drink to actually taste like coffee.  Add more milk if you are a wimp like your drinks a little less strong).
Then, add about 3-6 teaspoons of sugar depending on your personal taste. (I never claimed this was a healthy recipe)

Blend it up in your blender.  I use the magic bullet.  It’s my best friend…. especially during the summer.
And viola!  You have a coffee frappuccino at home!  Stick a straw in it and you are ready to go!

To sum up…

Espresso or coffee
Milk (I use almond or coconut.  Cow’s milk is fine or whatever is your milk of choice)

Blend together and enjoy.

Now for the fun part…

Do you like Java Chip Frappuccino's?  Mocha Frapp?  Peppermint Mocha?

Use these variations:
  • Chocolate Chips – I highly recommend you grind up the chocolate chips by themselves before you add the ice.  Otherwise, the chips don’t chop up small enough to fit through the straw.
  • Any flavoring you might like… vanilla, hazelnut, peppermint, caramel, coconut, etc.
  • Chocolate syrup or cocoa powder

You can really make some fancy coffee drinks and you don’t have to break the bank or drink something with questionable ingredients!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Crunchy ‘N Yummy is Yummmmmmmy! Review and Giveaway

Okay, my kids seriously loved these snacks!  They devoured them!

They are freeze dried yummy fruit.  They have strawberry, mango, pineapple, banana and papaya and Crunchy ‘N Yummy sent all of them of us so we could try them!

Here’s what my kids had to say about each flavor: