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Organic Products for Your Body & Your Home

Organic Products for Your Body & Your Home
Products that are so natural, you can eat them!

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About Me

I am a stay at home mom of 3 sweeties. We are a home schooling family. We are ‘natural’ by most people’s definitions. We don’t vaccinate, there are no drugs in our house (unless you count coffee and chocolate), our son is intact, I had all 3 kids at home, the only doctors I see are chiropractors and dentists, I bring my own bags to stores (not just grocery stores), our meals are from scratch for the most part, and anything that is packaged that comes in the house must pass the ingredient list inspection. In general, we just try to do everything as natural as possible when it comes to health and parenting. You can read more about why I chose the name of my blog here.  I hope you enjoy my blog! It will have anything from family happenings, home school adventures, giveaways, and information on how to live more naturally.