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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Homeschool Curriculum…. Almost

If you read my post on Monday, you know that I am changing the way we homeschool this year.  With that, comes new books!

For the last 6 months or so I have felt like a brand new homeschooler.  I’ve been quizzing all my friends on what books they use for each subject.  After all my research and talking to friends, I have all my subjects narrowed down!!

For math, I believe I’m going to use Miquon.  I was teetering between Miquon and Mastering Mathematics.  With Mastering Mathematics, the child does one part of math at a time.  For example, they would start with “Mastering Addition”, then move on to subtraction, etc.  I’m not sure I like that, since the school system’s teach everything at once (sort of)… I mean, what if I have to put them in school unexpectedly?  I don’t want them to be way behind!  I settled on Miquon, because a homeschooled highschooler told me that’s what she used.  When she reached Algebra in high school, it was easy for her because she realized that with Miquon she had already been doing Algebra!  I like that.  I do still really like the idea of Mastering Mathematics.   A friend of mine uses it, so I got to check out one of the books and it looks great!

For Language Arts/Grammar, I will use Easy Grammar.  Easy Grammar was nice enough to let me try out their 2nd grade review book and 3rd grade Student Workbook.  I love it!!!  I’ll be honest, my daughter isn’t a big fan, but that is because I have been making her do more than one lesson a day (try 4), because she is going into the 4th grade this year and I was having her do the 2nd grade review just to make sure we have all our bases covered. (Wow, that was a long sentence!  Maybe it is a good thing I am getting a good book to teach her grammar!)  Anyway, I think once she is only doing one lesson a day, she will be fine with it.  She says the only thing she doesn’t like is how long it takes her, so that will be solved soon!

Easy Grammar 2

For Science, I bought Abeka workbooks and Teacher’s editions for each of my oldest at a used curriculum sale for $1 each.  Couldn’t really pass it up!  Got one for each of my kiddos (well, the oldest two).  I will use this for now and then maybe look into something else (one thing at a time).  I have heard good things about a few science curriculums (they are escaping me right now.  I will edit the post later when I remember!), but I’m not sure which one to use yet.  So for now, it is Abeka!

For History, I am still trying to decide.  I am looking into either Story of the World or Mystery of History.  Not sure of the differences between the two, they were just each recommended by friends.  If anyone has any info on either of these OR has a recommendation for another History curriculum, I am open to that, too.

That’s it for all the ‘book work’.  My kiddos will also be doing an enrichment program with all subjects on Mondays.  We have been with this program a few years now and love it.  It is all day, just like a ‘regular’ school day.  We are also trying out a new one on Friday mornings where the kids will take Geography, Science, and 5 in a row.

Do any of you homeschoolers have any feedback on any of my choices?  Seriously, I won’t take offense if you have something negative to say… like I said, I kind of feel like a new homeschooler, because I plan on doing things so differently this year.  I thank God that we are able to make these choices for our family, based on what we feel is best!



Heather said...

I have nothing negative to say. I don't know how long you have home schooled but just roll with it. That is such a beautiful thing with home school - adapting and changing when you need to to fit you and your children's needs.

Nicole @ Some Call It Natural said...

Thanks Heather. I didn't mean negative about my changes, I meant, like, if you have anything negative to say about any of the curriculum. (For example... maybe you used it and didn't like it for xyz reasons.)

And yes! I LOVE that I can change with our families needs/wants! :)

Cricket said...

I am seriously considering the homeschooling route, I just know that I am not qualified with the higher grades and teaching the subjects :/ kudos to you!!
Newest follower, if you get a chance, I would love it if you stopped by :)

Kim said...

We have both history programs~both are excellent. My boys liked Story of the World and the girls liked Myster of History...go figure. :) I didn't care as long as they were learning something and enjoying the process! (We're now doing Trail Guide to Learning by Geomatters~LOVE it!)

theworldismyclassroom said...

Hey Friend,
We have used both Story of the World and Mystery of History. They are both excellent. The S of the W has an activity guide and is easy paced, easy reading and enjoyable. You have the options of the worksheets and hands on.

The M of H is our person favorite for a little older child that really is interested in deep stories with meaning...they are short but amazing. Made me like History and I never had before plus it's Christian based mixing in Bible history with traditional history from creation to Christ ... then after .. YOu keep index cards like a timeline... very easy but effective. There are 3 volumes...

If you need to see mine, I have all volumes of each and of Story of the World..we also have listened to S of W on CDs before.

theworldismyclassroom said...

One more thing, I like Easy Grammar too but I have learned in language arts one of the most important factors to increase ability and education is a good vocabulary workbook. Wordly Wise is very good or Latin Roots. One lesson a week and it makes a huge difference.... Communication is everything in our world and reading comprehension is improved also....
Mastering Mathematics is GREAT also for fundamental basic skills in the proper order, but I do feel if used as a complete curriculum you would have to supplement in things like time, money, measurments... maybe why you chose Miquon... I bet you will like that too.
By the way this is Kristie. LOL

Nicole @ Some Call It Natural said...

Thank you ALL for your input. You have given me a lot to think about!