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Friday, August 5, 2011

Easy Grammar

I seriously love Easy Grammar!  And I’m not just saying that because they were kind enough to send me books to review.

My oldest has been using Easy Grammar for quite a few months now, and it is great!

I barely have to do anything with her, because the book explains everything so clearly.  How great is that??

She still finds it boring some of the time, but for the most part it makes a boring subject (for some) an enjoyable experience!  In general, she’s not a big fan of “Grammar” or “Language Arts” or “English” or whatever you want to call it.  I honestly don’t care if she likes it, though.  I do care if she is learning what needs to be learned.  (To be fair, I have been making her do more than one lesson a day, because I am making her review a past grade to make sure we haven't missed anything... so that is a big part of her boredom, I think.)

As you may know from my homeschool 'styles' post, we have practically been unschooling since we began our homeschool journey.  It has been great and I don’t want any unschoolers out there to think I am bad mouthing unschooling, because I’m not.  We are just done with it and will be using more school type learning.  At least for next year anyway!

Easy Grammar has made the switch to traditional schooling, well, easy!

The lessons are pretty fast, so the fact that Samantha doesn’t love grammar isn’t really a big deal because she can be done with it pretty quickly.  And as the parent/teacher, I love that the book builds upon itself and reviews previously learned concepts.

Here are the books that Easy Grammar sent me:
Easy Grammar 2                                       Easy Grammar 3
From the Easy Grammar website:
“Students use a "hands on" approach (deleting/marking). Innovative approaches to teaching in a simplistic, easy to understand way make learning meaningful. Students learn correct usage and why that usage is appropriate. Review and using information previously learned to teach new concepts help to insure mastery learning.  This method is both easy to teach and easy to learn. Also, it produces excellent results.”

They have other books too… Daily Grams, Easy Writing and Ultimate Series (which is geared toward high schoolers).

I highly recommend checking them all out!  And, as a side note, their prices can’t be beat!

So... what are you waiting for??  Go check out all the books Easy Grammar has to offer... just don't get mad at me when you buy them all... oh wait, you won't get mad at me, I already said the prices are great! :)


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