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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Master Cleanse–Done!

It is the end of day 10 of my cleanse and I thought I would just give you all an update of how the last few days went.

I did do the salt water flush like I said I would.  I drank it on days 7, 8, and 9 and then decided to skip it this morning (Day 10).  Let’s just say… it didn’t work out.  I’m not sure that I will ever willingly swallow salt water again.  I’m sure it works great for some people… I’m just not one of those people.

These last couple of days, have been harder than the rest of the cleanse.  For some reason, I have felt hungry.  Other times during the cleanse, when I felt hungry, I would just drink some of the lemonade and I’d be fine.  Well, the last couple days, that didn’t suffice.  Yes, I probably could have or should have just drank more, but I didn’t.

Anyway, today is the end of day 10 and tomorrow I plan on beginning my after fast preparations or as some call it the ease out.  It is not wise to just start eating whatever you want after you have been only drinking lemonade (and tea and saltwater) for 10 days.  You will undoubtedly become ill.  In short, your body will hate you.  Not to mention, it could mess up all that you have accomplished for your body over the 10 day period, making it a waste of time!  I definitely want these 10 days to mean something, so I’m doing the ease out!

The Master Cleanse book suggests you drink orange juice for the first day of your ease out.  The next day you are to drink orange juice vegetable based broth soup. Then, on your 3rd and final ease out day, you are to eat orange juice for breakfast, the vegetable soup for lunch and what ever you want in the form of salad, fruit and veggies for dinner.

I’m doing it a little different and praying I won’t get sick…

I am going to drink orange juice for my first ease out day.  Then on days 2 and 3 of my ease out, I am going to eat fruits and veggies.  I plan on avocados, asparagus, apples, bananas, squash, green peppers, tomatoes and salad.  You have no idea how yummy all of that sounds right now! 

I’m happy to be done and hope that my body is a little healthier for it.  Thanks for coming along with me for the ride.



1 comment:

Easy-2-Save said...

Sounds like you did great! I am a new follower I hope you stop by my blog also.