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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Briggs & Riley BRX Luggage Shopping

When you are traveling, do you sometimes wish you could fit everything you need into one piece of luggage instead of carrying multiple bags? 

My hubby desperately needed a new piece of luggage.  In fact, he has never owned an actual piece of luggage, you know, like the kind that is rectangular and rolls on wheels?  He has a huge duffle bag and a few little bags that he uses when we go out of town.  We never have gotten him a piece of luggage, I guess mostly because he just didn’t complain about it… he would have rather spent the money on other stuff… the priority just wasn’t there.

Well, I have been given the opportunity to review the BRX Adventure Gear line of luggage by Briggs & Riley and decided it was time to get some luggage for my sweetie!

I looked up all their luggage online so I could see ahead of time what we would want.  We really like the Explorer 19 and the Explorer 22.  Both are able to be carry-ons on a plane, so that is definitely an appealing feature.  Hubby was also interested in the Messenger bag, because he doesn’t like his computer bag.  Ultimately, we decided to go with the Explorer 22, because it was larger than the Explorer 19 and you could still carry it on planes.  That way, it would work for short or long trips.  So, we went to Cumberland Transit in Nashville to get hubby’s new luggage.

The people at the store were extremely helpful.  At the store, I wanted to confirm that the 22 would be okay as a carryon, because it looked quite large to me.  The person helping us went and got a little informational flyer/catalog for Briggs and Riley so that we could read more about it.  With that, we were able to confirm it was good as a carry on.
Hubby checking out the luggage!
Now, does he want the grey or the blue??  (He picks the grey)

Perfect!  Hubby is giddy for some new luggage AND there is a pocket in the front where you can put your computer so you don’t have to carry a separate computer bag!  It really is a great feature.  All the people that travel for work need this piece of luggage.  Being able to pack everything in one place is a major plus!

You can get connected with Briggs & Riley online on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, in a couple weeks hubby and I will be traveling to MI… without kids!!… to go to his hdmssmph high school reunion.  The BRX Adventure Gear will be with us and we can really see how well it holds up!


Ashley T said...

Oh man! I would love some new luggage! And those bags looks super sturdy. can't wait for your update! :)

Laura Grace Andry said...

Wow this luggage looks great and super durable. Thanks for the review!

Danielle @ "We Have It All" said...

Well, at least my hubby wasn't the only one w/out "real" luggage, haha. (Well... now he might be). We both need luggage, but I keep putting it off. I like this though. I like that it is still small enough to be a carry on and I also like that it can carry the laptop.

Thanks for this review!

Savannah said...

I love that you can put the computer in front. This is especially nice for going through security. Perfect!

Sara said...

I'm always jealous of people who can travel with just a carry on! I've never been one of those people sadly...

Christa @ Little BGCG said...

I thought it was impossible for me to find a luggage that fits everything but this looks like it could do the trick! Thanks for sharing!