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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Master Cleanse–Day 2

2 days down, 8 to go!


Day 2 went well.  I skipped the herbal tea again.  I drank 80 oz. of the lemonade. 


There were times throughout the day that I would get a headache, but it seemed to go away if I just drank a glass of the lemonade.


My hubby joined me in the fast, so that was nice.  Now we are partners in the endeavor and I’m sure that will make it easier for both of us.  We are using organic lemons, organic cayenne pepper, and organic grade B maple syrup.  It makes it quite a bit more expensive, but we aren’t buying food for us, so I guess it will all balance out.


I did end up getting a little nauseous around 7ish… not sure what that was about.  Hubby and I both ended up going to bed around 8:30.  Normally, we stay up, watch some t.v., drink coffee, and snack on whatever.  I guess neither one of us wanted to fight all that, plus we were both just super tired.  We were both fast asleep by 9!!  If you know me at all, you know how crazy that is… I’m usually up pretty late every night.


That’s it folks.  Day 2 is done.  See ya tomorrow.

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