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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flea Circus

No, this is not a post about the fleas that our new cat has (oh… did I mention we got a cat this summer?)… anyway, it’s about a super fun game called Flea Circus.  This is my first review as a TOS Crew member!

This game is great!  My kids enjoyed playing it so much that when they were finished playing it the first time, they immediately played it again… that’s a winner!

My girly reading the directions to make sure she plays the right card!

And now she gets to collect her dogs and cats (points)!

My husband and I played it with the kids, too, and neither one of us wanted to gouge our eyes out… you know the type of game I’m talking about folks… everyone has one or two in their house.  Well, this one is not bad AND it doesn’t take forever either… which is a plus as a lazy parent too.
What do you think, Mom, should I play this one?
Look at that handsome smile!  It must have been the right card!

As far as how to play… here’s what the explanation on the website says:

STEP RIGHT UP! Calling all Cats and Dogs! The Flea Circus is about to begin!
It's a wild time under the Big Top as dogs and cats race from one show to the next. Players use their best Flea Circus acts to attract the most cats and dogs. Play your cards right and you can steal the audience away from your neighbor! But watch out for the Animal Catcher... He'll snatch your cats and dogs away!
With all this excitement, how's a Flea Ring Circus supposed to keep up? When all the cats and dogs are gone, whoever ends up with the most animals at their show wins the game!

If you are like me, that’s about as clear as mud (yes, I live in the south).  Well, I thought about how to explain in to you so it would be understandable… I’m kind of at a loss… basically, you lay cards down… those cards decide how many dogs and cats (points) you get to pick up.  At the end of the game, the one with the most points, wins the game.  Dogs are worth 2 points and Cats are worth 1 point.

The game is great for helping with math skills and strategy and deduction.  I love it, because the kids are learning, but don’t really know… well, they might know, but they don’t care, because they are having so much fun!
Here's a close up of all the cute dogs and cats.
Here's my cutie acting like one of the dogs or cats.

Information at a glance:
Name of the game: Flea Circus
Company to buy it from: R&R Games
For Ages: 6 and up
How many can play?: 2-6
Price: $15.95 (worth it, in my opinion)

If you are wishing you had this game for your family, now is the perfect  time to get it!  R&R Games is offering a 20% discount to my readers (and all TOS Crew review readers).  Use the code, CREW20 until December 31st... just in time for the holidays!!!

Some of my fellow TOS Crew members reviewed Flea Circus as well as a game called Pig Pile.  Go HERE to check out their reviews!


Disclaimer: As per FCC guidelines, please understand that I received Flea Circus at no charge in exchange for an honest review.  I was in no way obligated to give a positive review.  I will never tell you I love a product if I really don’t love it.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night… and I love to sleep.

1 comment:

Sweetpeas said...

Sounds like a fun game, thanks for sharing your review!