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Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Sweet Tea Addiction

When I stopped nursing my youngest, I gave myself permission to drink sweet tea whenever the heck I wanted.  Well, it seems that whenever the heck I want, equates to all day every day.  Not good.

I have never drank sweet tea in the quantities that I do now.  I guess after being pregnant with 3 kids and nursing each one a little over 2 years I was/am feeling a little bit like indulging!  I didn’t let myself have so many things when I was pregnant and nursing (don’t get me wrong, I “cheated” with a glass of sweet tea here and there).

Well, now I’m not pregnant.  I’m not providing milk for anyone.  I can put anything in my body I want, right!?  Technically, yes.  Is it the best idea?  Probably not.  Am I ready to quit?  Not yet.

If there are any other sweet tea addicts out there Rooibus is a great substitute for the sweet tea you would get at a restaurant.   It is an herbal tea you can find in most grocery stores (in the ‘healthy’ area).  It does taste really good!  And it’s really good for you too!  You have to actually make it though, and for some reason, lately, I’ve been far too lazy for that.  Sad.

Any other sweet tea addicts out there?
Milo's sweet tea
Milo's Sweet Tea is my poison of choice.  It is the only sweet tea you can buy in stores that just has tea, water and sugar AND tastes like real southern sweet tea!  Mmmmmm!


Fancy Photo said...

Of all the things you could be addicted to Sweet Tea is really not so bad! Um, not bad at all! :)
Being addicted to anything is unnerving though. I totally understand the feeling of not having full control over the urges associated with an addiction. I was a smoker for 10 years and I am current sugar addict, which I am working on.
Good luck with your tea!

Ashley T said...

They don't sell that tea here but if they did, I'd buy it! I have a sweet tea addiction... and so does my husband. BUT we have an iced tea maker so every summer we use it to make tea. My addiction is always worse in the summer, especially with Mcdonalds and their sweet tea..mmmmmm!

Cindy Shippy Evans said...

Teavana has some really wonderful rooibus blends! You can find them in stores or online!