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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where are all the 3D glasses going??

3d glasses

I thought they were cleaned or recycled, like talked about in this post.  But now, I realize I am incorrect.

Yesterday, my husband went to see Thor in 3D.  After the movie, he asked one of the theater employees where he should put the 3D glasses he used and the response was, “Just toss ‘em”.  Seriously?  No separate container to put them in to later be cleaned or recycled??

Even if there is a separate container… What about all the ones that end up in the trash from people who don’t put it in the right bin?  What about the theaters that don’t even have a separate bin?

Now, I know that 3D glasses are small and probably don’t even compare to the amount of plastic drinking containers that are thrown away on a daily basis.  But, with the amount of 3D movies that are being made lately, the piles of 3D glasses being thrown away is most likely getting pretty high!

What can be done about this?  The most obvious solution for me is to not make as many 3D movies or stop altogether!  I mean, what is up with all the 3D movies?  Can we not just watch a regular movie?  I saw Avatar (not in 3D) and it was a great movie!  (Can you tell I’m not a fan of the 3D movies?)

Okay, so for all of you that don’t like my no 3D movie option, how about we ask all theaters to have a separate container for the glasses?  Or…  and this is my favorite solution, but I’m sure the movie companies and theaters won’t like it… have some sort of incentive for people to save their glasses.  For instance, if you bring your own 3D glasses to a movie you don’t have to pay the whole $3 extra or however much the theater charges.

That’s my 2 cents anyway.  Not that anyone asked.  I just had to vent a bit about that.  Thanks for sitting through it (if you made it this far in the post).

I need to know, though.  What do you all think?  What is your solution?  Do you even like 3D movies?  (Please tell me I’m not alone in the anti 3D stance!)


Carrie said...

I do think it is quite ridiculous all of the movies being made in 3D! Sometimes I just want to see a regular movie. And it costs the time you pay for gas to go to the theater, concessions, and 3D tickets, you could have almost paid for a night at a local B&B with your hubby instead of just a movie!

My theater has a separate container to put the glasses in as soon as you walk out...I really hope they are being recycled.

Anonymous said...

I kept my 3D glasses after going to such a movie....don't even remember which one it was. I favor your solution of a waived or discounted extra charge for the 3D movie. It's certainly not earth friendly to toss all that plastic!! I personally don't care if they make 3D movies or not. :)

plumbing said...
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