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Sunday, June 19, 2011

10 Ways I Admire My Daddy

In honor of Father’s Day, I wanted to share some of the wonderful qualities in my own dad. 
  1. Forgiveness – He has this amazing ability to forgive those that have wronged him.
  2. Protector – Like any great dad, he is protective of his kids and wife (and family members and friends too!). 
  3. Loyal – Once a friend.  Always a friend.  Most of his friends he has now have been his friends for decades.
  4. Concentration – This may seem like a strange one, but he can read or watch t.v. no matter what is going on around him and still know what is going on in the book or on the t.v.  This is a trait my mom is not so excited about, but I wish I had that kind of concentration.
  5. Selflessness – If a friend or family member needs something, whether it be material or just an ear, he is there in a heartbeat.  Also, if someone wants to do something he doesn’t necessarily want to do, he will usually do what they want.  He just goes with the flow.
  6. Loving – He is a very loving Dad.  He will call me if we haven’t talked in awhile, we will talk for a few minutes and then he will let me go by saying, ‘Okay, I just wanted to say hi and hear your voice.  I hadn’t heard my little girls voice in awhile.’  I like it.  Same thing with the grandkids.  He can’t go longer than a few weeks without seeing them, so if it’s been that long or longer, he and mom will hop in the car and visit us (we are 3 hours away).
  7. Trustworthy – He is a man of his word and an honest and faithful husband.
  8. Trusting – He trusts that people are good and will treat him the way people are meant to be treated.  I think it is because he is so trustworthy, so he expects the same of others.  This is a trait I admire in him, but sometimes people will see how trusting he is and take advantage of that.  As a daughter, I’m not so happy about that!
  9. Not Controlling- I couldn’t think of a better way to say that, so let me explain.  There are some fathers that will still try to tell there 30something, 40something, etc kids what to do, how to live their life, how to raise their kids, etc.  My dad doesn’t do that.  He knows that he raised us the best he and mom could and hopes that we will make the right decisions based on the ethics/morals we were taught.  I think that is an admirable trait.
  10. Godly – This man respects God and emanates the way He would like us to live.  Nonjudgmental, honest, faithful, and in general just a good person.

Here he is with one of grandkids.  He's a happyy Grandpa!
My dad with my youngest.

I know how lucky I am to have the Dad that I have and hope all of you are just as lucky as I am to have a Dad (or father figure) like mine!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!


Johnna said...

That's so sweet! Happy Father's Day to all the AMAZING DADS out there!

Mama B said...

Aw, I love this! We are pretty lucky to have amazing dads and husbands, aren't we?! Hope you guys had a great Father's Day!

Jayme said...

Such a sweet post! Happy Father's Day!