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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Eating Out Challenge-Who’s With Me?


For the month of March, our family is taking the no eating out challenge.
I got this idea from Christina at Northern Cheapskate.  You can check out her blog for all her ideas on how to make it easier on you and her reasons behind doing it.

For now, I will share my reasons for doing it.  They are pretty much no brainers – It’s not healthy to eat out and it’s not good for the family budget!

But wait, I don’t feed my kids bad foods, right?  So, why do I need to take a no eating out challenge?  I guess it’s time for my first confession.  My kids and I eat out occasionally.  Yes, this includes fast food.

I know, I know… that doesn’t seem very ‘natural’, does it?  That’s because it’s not!  Then why do I do it?  It really boils down to a lack of planning on my part.

We will go out of the house for an activity and I don’t pay close enough attention to the time we are leaving and/or how long we will be gone.  It seems kind of silly, really.  If you have to leave the house at 10:30am for an activity that will keep you out of the house past 12 or 1, you need to bring lunch with you! (sorry, I was talking to myself there)

So, for the month of March, I intend to be more conscious of the times that I am doing things and plan ahead accordingly.  This means bringing snacks or even a full meal out with us!  I will be spending some time making some peanut butter and honey sandwiches and put them in the fridge for a quick go to meal if we are running short on time.  Salad is an easy on the go meal that we use frequently.  I need to use it more often!

Alright, there you have it.  No eating out for us this month, whether it is fast food or sit down.  I know we will be healthier for it and the bank will see a difference as well.

Will you join us?  I know it is already the 2nd of March, so you're thinking it's too late for you to join in.  No Way!  Who cares??  Start tomorrow.  Or even wait until Monday if you would like some time to prepare mentally and to prepare the food in your house.  

Also, if you want to start with just no fast food and allow your family to go to a sit down restaurant together, then do that.  Then, next time you do the challenge, you can try for no eating out at all!  Bottom line is, no matter when or how you start, your body will thank you!


Kim said...

I'm in! My hubby & I were just discussing how bad we feel after we've eaten out...but knowing how we'll feel afterward doesn't keep us from doing it again! This is a good way to start new planning ahead! :)

Dan said...

I'm in! Course, I have no choice as I am Nicole's husband.

Christina @ Northern Cheapskate said...

Best wishes to you all on the challenge! It was hard... especially on the really busy days... but I learned so much (and save a lot of $$$ too!).

The best thing that came out of the challenge was that I now plan a menu each week. It has helped a lot.