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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Girls Scouts Made a Liar Out of Me !

I just got finished telling all of you about my top 5 ingredients of foods that I avoid and why.  And, in so many words, I told you these ingredients don’t enter my house.   Not even 2 weeks later, I bring girl scout cookies into my house!

My daughter is a girl scout and is selling cookies.  She had a very lofty goal of selling 3000 cookies (or somewhere around there) so that she could earn the ipad the girls scouts were giving away as an incentive prize.  Of course, I did not discourage her lofty goal.  I encouraged it, by buying some boxes from her!

What is a mom to do?  Wouldn’t you have bought from your daughter?  Please say yes!

Those stinking Tagalongs with their partially hydrogenated oils are soooooo yummy!

Oh well, I’m done beating myself up.  They will be gone soon and we can go back to eating the way we always do… cookieless.

I’m sure some of you are enjoying your once a year girl scout cookie binge as well.  Eat ‘em up!  You won’t get them again until next winter!

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering… my daughter sold 128 cookies with very little help from me (except driving and walking around with her).  I am very proud of her!  She would have sold more, but I have raised her in the South and cookie sales were during our single digit weather and snow.  She was so not wanting to go out and sell in that and I didn’t make her!Smile

Okay, I’m off to have some Tagalongs and espresso!


Kim said...

I don't blame you one bit~Girl Scout Cookies are the exception to the rule. And an occasional Reeses PB cup. Oh, and to not exclude anyone~those darn boy scouts and their popcorn. Of course, nobody would really line up to buy lettuce wraps or string cheese, so we have to support the cookie sales! (Yes, that's the spirit of justification~lol!)

And WAY TO GO to your daughter!

Some Call It Natural said...

Thanks Kim! I appreciate the support. :)

Anonymous said... too.
And to make it worse, I totally thanked God for letting the sale happen BEFORE Lent when I will be giving up refined sugars.

Brigitte said...

husband bought some the other day and we now have them in our house too. Can't wait for them to be gone.
No guilt in supporting your daughter, only pride. They make good gifts though too. You can give them away, depending how many boxes you bought :)