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Sunday, March 27, 2011

I’m Blank…

Throughout the week, I will frequently have things that pop in my head that I think I would like to blog about.  My thoughts wander so much that I practically write the entire post in my head!  Of course, as most of you know, I homeschool my kiddos; so they are home with me every day.  Naturally, with that in mind, there’s no way I can just sit down and write a blog post any time I feel like it.

That’s fine.  I’ll just wait till tonight, then I will write it.

Well, here it is… “tonight”.

And, now, my mind is virtually blank!

I have a general idea of what I was planning on writing for you dear folks.  But, that’s it.  It would all be fragmented, incomplete thoughts.  Not pretty.

For all you other bloggers out there… anybody else have this problem?  Is it just me?  Especially you homeschooling bloggers!!!  Some of you seem to have a post daily!  How in the world do you do it?? 

Okay, I’ll stop my complaining now.  Thanks for reading if you made it this far in the post. Winking smile


Kim said...

All the time! That's usually when I post cute animal photos...but we'll just keep that between us, okay? :)

Some Call It Natural said...

Your secret's safe with me! ;) I don't have any cute animals to post pictures of... can I borrow yours?