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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why the new name????

I changed the name of my blog as most of you know.

The old name was ‘Random Thoughts From Nicole’.

I didn’t much like that.  As I am living my life and wandering around the world, I have lots of thoughts that float through my head, as I’m sure others do as well.  Being a blog reader myself, I sometimes think, “Ha!  That would be funny to write a blog about!”  So, that is why I thought ‘Random Thoughts From Nicole’ would be a perfect name.

Well, it turns out; I don’t have as many random thoughts as I thought I did.  And the random thoughts that I do have, are just that.  Random!  Not necessarily blog material. 

If you look back on the history of my blog posts, you will see where my head is… health and family.  I’ve got a post on ingredients, one breaking down one of those ingredients, one about the labels, crunchy and granola, another which is just mocking a Chef Boyardee commercial, and so on.  The only one that was really ‘random’, I guess, would be the one titled ‘A spoonful of peanut butter’, talking about a memory from my childhood.

In light of where my posts seem to be headed, and where my passions in life are, I thought it best I change my blog name and url.  It took much mulling over between myself and my panel (aka, my husband, brother, and some other trusted witty friends) to come up with a name that encompasses what my blog will be about most days.  I am passionate about health and helping other people learn the things I know and learning what others know that I don’t.  I home school my kids.  Rest assured, there will be some home school posts!  I am a chiropractor…. One that stays home to raise her kids and home school… but a chiropractor none the less and I am positive I will post here and there about it!  And, basically, just all things ‘natural’ (home birthing, not vaccinating, no drugs, etc).  (I tried “All things natural” and it was taken by someone that has only posted once… like 2 years ago!)

Anyway, lots of great ideas were thrown around… all the good ones taken by other bloggers.  Until I finally got a thought flash… tested it to see if it was already taken, and it wasn’t!  Yay!

Of course, you already know what I chose, because it is at the top of my page! ;)

I’ll tell you anyway… My new name is ‘Some Call It Natural”.

I like this one, because I frequently hear from friends/acquaintances, “Oh yeah, you’re natural” in response to something I am eating… or not eating… or not letting my kids eat.  When these people say this, it stems from so many other aspects of my life that they know, as well.  What most people don’t understand is that most of my close friends have their babies at home, don’t vaccinate, keep their sons intact, don’t have Tylenol in their house, home school, and are avid label readers.  I sometimes forget that other people don’t live that way too!

So, I guess I just feel that the way I live is normal, because so many other people around me live the same way.

However, I know that… Some Call It Natural.  :)



Brigitte said...

love the new name.

AnnCrabs said...

Love it! Can't wait to read more! Following from MBC--please visit me at Check out my cool giveaways!

Cheryl said...

I love the new name. Very creative!

Some Call It Natural said...

Thank you girls! I'm glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by. :)